“TATRASVIT thinks green,” be part of this idea with us.

Think GOTS!

Tatrasvit holds the international biotextile certification GOTS.
We are extremely proud of this certificate because only those manufacturers who meet the strictest criteria will receive it.
But first of all, we are not half-hearted to the current global problem.

What means Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)?
It is an international bio standard certification. It has grounded ethical and ecological requirements ranging from seed, cultivation, textile processing, production, packaging to distribution. It ensures not only strict control of production from an ecological point of view, but also compliance and frequent control of social conditions in production in line with Fair Trade. It is therefore the best direction if you are looking for quality and clarity in all aspects.

What is the organic natural cotton from users point of view?
Organic cotton is more durable, softer and gentler to the touch. It is especially suitable for children with sensitive skin or allergy sufferers who are hypersensitive for “chemically treated” materials. It has a higher degree of breathability, so the skin can breathe better and freer.