Custom production

We treat our customers fairly and earnestly. During the time of execution of an order we treat every customer individually and responsibly. Customers who buy our products will gain at least two things – a high quality product and a good feeling about the fact that, by buying our product, they are giving work to people in the region.

For a successful co-operation, it is important to know the basic process of dealing with an individual order:

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    01.Acceptance of an order

    specification of the product (material, structure, design), amount and required date of delivery, evaluation of whether it is objectively possible for the producer to deliver by the required date

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    02.Physical sample

    In the case of acceptance of order – production of a physical sample. Customer´s consent with the sample

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    03.Production process

    (6-8 weeks from the date of acceptance of the order)
    Provision of material, placement of the product into the production schedule, knitting – production, sewing – closing of the top point-tip, forming, final inspection

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    Packaging and invoicing